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What's New With v9?

Performance Enhancements

  • New Store architecture significantly improves performance of store tasks and protection plans.

  • Store Purge tasks run up to ten times faster that in previous versions of the software.

  • Store Copy and Verify tasks run up to four times faster than in previous versions of the software.

  • Protection Plans run up to 30% faster than in previous versions of the software.

  • Previous-version ("legacy") stores can easily be converted by clicking a button on the store's Property page.

Slipstream Restore

  • A new Scheduled Restore task-type allows for keeping a mirror image of a computer (or VM) for standby recovery or DR testing.

Windows Scheduler 2.0 Integration

  • Allows for advanced triggers, actions, and conditions to be configured for scheduled tasks.

  • Scheduled tasks can be executed from Powershell scripts.

  • A task can be configured to wake a computer from sleep or hibernation, or a task can be attached to a specific system event. For example, a Purge task could be configured to run when disk space gets low.

Standalone Tape Drive Support

  • Allows for vaulting to standalone tape devices with similar capability as the current tape autoloader support.

Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Integration

  • Use LTO tape for storing archived data.

  • Use LTO tape as a restore target.

Volume Sets

  • A new tape grouping called a Volume Set lets you group tapes together.

  • Vaulting tasks are associated with Volume Sets rather than tape devices as in previous releases of the software. More than one vaulting task can target a volume set.

Storage node redesign

  • The layout of the Storage node in the Archive Manager user interface is more logical.

Windows 10 Support

  • Computers running Windows 10 operating systems are now supported by the software.

View more about our software updates here. 

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