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Use the Daily Checkup Report to Spot Issues Quickly

We think some of the recent improvements to the Checkup Report are noteworthy and will make zeroing in on problems much easier than in previous versions of the software.  More details are provided on each specific enhancement in the Knowledge Base article, but briefly, here are the enhancements we will be reviewing:

  • New option to email the Checkup Report to an alternate email list when errors or warnings are detected by the Checkup Report.  This is helpful, for example, to automatically send the Checkup Report to a ticketing system or escalate the issue to management.

  • A new summary section at the top of the report will highlight key stats like how many plans are configured to run and how many actually ran and if there were any errors encountered during the last run.  The compact summary is designed for quick review, so if everything is running normally, there’s no need to dive into the full report.

  • The Servers not Reachable section is a short list of servers that are configured, but not reachable during checkup report generation and do not have any plan results within the last 24 hours.  These may need immediate attention.

  • Elapsed plan runtime has been added to the Protection Plan Summary section.  Plans with unusually long or short runtimes can be more quickly identified.

  • The Store section now includes statistics for Total Managed data, New and Changed content and New stored data as well as a column showing total quarantined items, content repaired, and new quarantined items. A sudden increase in quarantined items can be an early indication of issues with storage or network devices.

  • The Store Task section includes a short description of the work done; content verified, disk space reclaimed from a Purge tasks, or bytes copied to another store; useful for confirming certain tasks are completing their expected workload.

  • A new Archive Summary section shows the status of every archive and includes information about the last known restore point and current status: Available, Verified, Unavailable, etc.  Archives older than a day (midnight on the previous day) are highlighted to better show those that may be unexpectedly out-of-date.

Together these enhancements reduce the need to logon to the Archive Manager server and review individual plans and archives on a regular basis.  The goal is to help you work more efficiently and have greater confidence that backups are working as expected and help you focus on important issues more quickly when things go wrong.  

We hope you find these improvements helpful.  Tell us what you think and if you have other suggestions to make the Checkup Report even more helpful in your day to day effort of keeping your company or clients protected.


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