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Enterprise Backup

Complete Windows® network backup, archive, and replication software with integrated source-side global data deduplication delivers compelling return on your investment.

DATASTOR Shield™ patented source-side deduplication technology uses a sub-file adaptive content factoring process which is globally distributed across all production servers, client computers or cloud-based storage. The process is technologically superior to other software-based solutions in that the fully distributed method is extremely efficient with core memory, network bandwidth and computing resources, allowing the process to run on laptop computers and across large networks of enterprise servers.

Key Features

Archive Manager

Archive Manager provides command and control for your centralized backup, restore, and site-to-site replication with fast, simple, and reliable full-system recovery for Windows Servers, Virtual Machines, and Workstations. Through the central management console, you’ll implement a strategy to effectively and efficiently centralize backups to disk, tape, and cloud storage, according to your needs. Agentless deployment means the powerful source-side deduplication engine is automatically deployed on demand to all managed 

Archive Manager.png

computers, which eliminates downtime for software upgrades. The familiar MMC interface makes creating backup tasks and restoring data easy. For added security, strong AES-256 encryption and cloud integration ensures your backup data is protected offsite in the event of a major disaster.

Support for protecting your Microsoft® SQL and Exchange databases is included with the Enterprise software, and optional for the Scalable Protection Server. Multistage data verification, automatic self-healing, and long-term data retention options ensure you are able to preserve data according to the policies you specify, for as long as you need it. Daily checkup reports provide you with a snapshot of the health of all your backup tasks and system resources — they even tell you what jobs were supposed to run, but didn’t, so you know the exact state of your backups. Your data is stored on the hardware of your choice without the need to buy a specific storage platform.

Simple License Expansions

•    Additional Archive Manager License (for site-to-site replication / DR)
•    Add-on Physical Server License
•    Add-on VM Server License
•    Add-on Desktop/Laptop License
•    Add-on Microsoft® SQL and Exchange License (included with Enterprise Manager License; otherwise optional add-on)
•    Tape Automation License for vaulting to certified LTO autoloaders and libraries
•    Cloud Storage vaulting (pay-as-you-go pricing)


A minimum of one Archive Manager license is required. Additional licensing is required per server, virtual machine, or desktop/laptop. Excess managed capacity charges may apply. Unlimited client/capacity-based subscriptions are available.

The software is installed on the Archive Manager server which automatically discovers servers, virtual machines, and workstations to back up. A scheduled task is deployed on the client computer which runs the core deduplication engine, eliminating redundant data at the source, cross-checking data against all other managed computers, minimizing backup storage requirements. Only new or changed data at the sub-file level is transferred to backup storage, reducing the backup window and avoiding unnecessary bandwidth use of your network connection.

Cloud Storage Integration

Getting data offsite is a critical element to any backup strategy. We’ve made it easy with our Amazon S3 integration. You should never have to rely on encryption keys managed by third-party cloud storage providers. With our solution, you manage your encryption key, so only you can access your data. Military-grade strong AES-256 encryption means your data is secured before it’s ever sent offsite.

Cloud Storage Integration.png

What good is global deduplication if you can’t leverage cost savings when sending data to the cloud? Our solution is built from the ground up to keep you saving money, even when using cloud storage at data reduction rates that are up to 20 times greater than other backup offerings. This means your cloud storage cost will be a fraction of what you would otherwise pay. Using our patented deduplication technology with cloud storage eliminates waste, making full system backups and restores even faster!

Tape Library Integration

With all the hype of cloud storage, why would anybody want to use that “old” tape technology? Well, quite simply, if you have already invested in this technology, you should make the best use of it. And with our solution, there are some very compelling reasons to consider it as an alternative to cloud storage.

For backup storage requirements greater than 10 TB, tape is generally the most cost-effective solution for getting data offsite. Averaging around 2 cents per gigabyte, total life-cycle cost, it’s cheap.  Toss in fully integrated deduplication and we make your tape solutions even more affordable. Combined with our software we can turn a 1 TB tape cartridge into a massive 20 TB of backup data (no kidding). You’ll spend 1/20th the cost for pickup and delivery services because you simply don’t need to manage as many tapes.

Our tape vaulting technology is identical to the vaulting process used for cloud storage, which means you can make a seamless transition from tape to cloud storage when the time is right for you.

Tape Library Integration_edited.png

Generally, the total cost of ownership of tape storage is less for backup storage requirements of 10 TB or more. If your backup storage requirements are less than 10 TB and you have adequate Internet connectivity, cloud storage may be an easy-to-deploy alternative to consider. We can help you sort out the options and decide which is best for you.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11
Windows Server 2000/2003/2008/SBS 2011/2012/2016/2019/2022
Client Support for Mac OS, Linux, Unix (through standard SMB)


Still have some questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. 

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