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The DATASTOR Advantage

Above 10,000 feet the air gets thin and it's easy to become disoriented. Ominous weather approaching, you get stressed, and if you can't find the path off the mountain, it's can be down right life threatening.  Your eyes quickly scan the horizon for something recognizable.  A cairn is that man-made stack of rocks you see along a trail and when you see it you know you are on the right path.  If you are lost or disoriented it gives you immediate peace of mind.  Someone has been here before and took the time to prepare your way back.  This is DATASTOR.

Born in Longmont, Colorado, in spring of 2005, and in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, every day we are reminded of how unpredictable life can be.

We work with customers every day in near-disaster scenarios.  Threats to your data come in many different forms, hardware failures, viruses, and more sinister threats like RansomWare.  Deployment of our solution following best practices will protect your data from all these potential sources of data loss and keeps you on the right path.

You pick DATASTOR because you know we have been there before.  Everything we do is about protecting your business.  Our fully integrated backup, restore and vaulting solution delivers a powerful data protection tool for businesses of all sizes delivered at an affordable price.  Most importantly, it is a solution that provides peace of mind, for thousands of businesses everyday.

Our solution was designed knowing that customers need to be assured their critical business data is safe and secure.  This has always been our focus, and with the 9.0 release, new data verification methods provide even more assurance of data integrity and completeness.

We continually innovate and develop new products and features that provide our customers with that peace of mind.  When we developed our cloud integration we knew it had to be ironclad.  Our cloud vaulting process uses three levels of safeguards and AES-256 military grade encryption.  Once uploaded, your data is replicated to multiple geographic regions to provide additional redundancy.  And only you know the key, so be confident your data safe and secure.

Designed for customers that want to focus resources on their core business, we recently introduced our managed Hybrid Cloud Solution that makes enterprise data protection accessible to businesses of any size.  We provide the appliance free with your monthly subscription, configure, monitor and manage your backups for you with daily status reports.  We are a true extension of your team doing the heavy lifting on the backup side and always preparing for the inevitable.  Copies of your data are kept on premise and in the cloud so you can rest assured your business can recover should a natural or man-made disaster strike.

At the core of our seamless solutions is a world-class patented state-of-the-art source-based deduplication engine.  With our latest release, backup windows have shortened and maintenance tasks have benefited with significantly improved performance.  The specific advantages of our solution are manifested in extremely high levels of deduplication that require minimal storage resources, fast backup windows, and minimal network usage.

The customer has always been the focus at DATASTOR and our commitment is to strive to continually improve our services and solutions.  Our 9.0 release along with the introduction of our managed Hybrid Cloud Solution demonstrates this commitment.

We want to be your partner, your cairn back to safety .  Let us provide you with peace of mind.


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