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Getting Started with DATASTOR

Getting started with DATASTOR is easy. Here, we will provide links to resources that will cover the basics to get you started.

As is usually the case, the more time spent understanding an application and its associated best practices the more successful the deployment and the assurance that your data is safe and secure. Read Deployment Guidelines for a description of several deployment options at a high level.  All are designed to provide digital continuity for customers of all sizes.

DATASTOR is a disk based, software only backup solution. This means that in general our solution is hardware agnostic. However, there are architectural details to consider that will enable improved performance with respect to backup windows and store maintenance tasks. The best performance is achieved with DAS storage. Before deployment, please consider the storage recommendations in Disk Storage Considerations.

When your are ready for software installation. There are a few prerequisites. Microsoft Desktop Experience and .Net framework 3.5 need to be installed. To simplify security, request all servers to be members of the same domain, if possible. Set up a service account that is a member of the Domain Admins security group and the backup operators group and dedicated exclusively for running protection plans and store tasks. Otherwise, domain trusts or pass through authentication will be required to back up standalone servers or servers in a second domain. Following these recommendations will minimize additional time and troubleshooting down the road.

After completion of these steps it’s time to install the software, activate licenses and create protection plans. Step by step instructions for all this including the prerequisites are detailed in this Quick Start Guide.

You’re up and running!


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