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Support Frequently Asked Questions

Do I receive technical support when I purchase DataStor™ software?

DataStor™ offers annual software support and maintenance services to support any DataStor™ branded Enterprise and non-Enterprise (“Pro”) software purchase.  The first year of support is included with the initial software purchase of any DataStor software. 

How do I renew or extend my support?

For Enterprise software purchasers, the second (and any subsequent) year of service must be renewed on or before the support end date, which is the first-year anniversary date of the initial software purchase.  

Any non-Enterprise or Business Class (“Pro”) software purchasers may purchase software support and maintenance services to extend their support to 3 years at the time of their initial software purchase.

Can I pay for my support monthly?

Monthly software support subscriptions are available for extending an active support contract.  To arrange for monthly recurring support subscriptions, DataStor™ requires the completion of a Recurring Payment Authorization Form. Monthly subscriptions may be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ prior notice.

What services are included with my support?

DataStor™ support includes the following services:
•    Access to technical support provided by telephone Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mountain Time Zone) during the normal business week of, and in accordance with statutory holidays of, the USA
•    Access to the DataStor™ technical support website
•    Delivery of software hot-fixes, patches, updates and product enhancements
•    Software license reactivation
•    Researching and responding to questions relating to the software
•    Responding to implementation questions relating to the software
•    Analyzing and duplicating program defects with the software

What services are not included with my support?

DataStor's support does not Include:
•    Providing software bug fixes and patches below maintained versions
•    Providing defect correction below maintained versions
•    Installing or maintaining any third party software
•    Providing programming assistance

What happens if I let my support agreement lapse?

If your support agreement lapses, the following conditions apply:
•    Re-instatement of Support Services is subject to DataStor’s discretionary approval
•    The support anniversary end date remains, based on the original purchase date of the Software
•    Sales orders for add-on Software licenses, which include support, will not be accepted
•    In the event the Support Contract lapses, a 25% fee will apply to re-instate the Support Contract in addition to the annual Support Contract fee

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