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Salida, Colorado

The Challenge: HRRMC is a 25-bed hospital that specializes in orthopedic surgery. When they recently moved into a new, state-of-the-art facility, the IT staff realized that they would need a new, easier-to-use data backup and storage solution. They also wanted a system that would save costs, since they were tired of purchasing a library’s worth of new tapes every few years.

The Solution: Using DATASTOR Shield™ software and RDX removable disk technology, the hospital is now able to store all of its important medical data on just two cartridges per year, compared to the 28 tapes it had to use with the old system. The backup time is much faster, and they can now store more information in a much smaller amount of disk space.

The Results: HRRMC is now able to back up important medical information on a daily basis, such as vital sign monitoring from the emergency room and intensive care unit. Backups can be done quickly during regular business hours, freeing up staff time for other important projects.

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