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40+ locations in Canada

The Challenge: FirstOnSite, a disaster restoration company, more than doubled in size over a three-year period, and new remote branch locations had varying levels of IT support and differing backup policies and procedures. The IT team began searching for a way to keep all data backed up for all branches in one central location while still allowing branches access to backed-up images and documents.

The Solution: After extensive research, FirstOnSite chose DATASTOR Shield™ with RDX removable disk technology. It was easily installed and administered at the company’s central IT offices without the need for additional hardware, and without burdening branch locations. Some remote branches then received preconfigured DATASTOR RDX appliances, which are attached to the network. All backups are set up as scheduled tasks by the central office.

The Results: FirstOnSite immediately experienced significant reductions in backup times and gained the ability to administer remote location backups from the DATASTOR Archive Manager console. Restores are now quick, simple, and disk-based, with easy individual file recovery.

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