$300 / 3 year term
$360 / 3 year term

Backup for RDX

Full Version

Advanced Sub-File Deduplication

Patented technology enables fast, full backups using less network bandwidth and storage, up to 20:1 reduction

Multi-Threaded Back Up

Faster backups using multiple processors for larger files, folders and databases

Backup Files & Folders

Customized protection plans can be cofigured to back up certain file & folders and exclude others

Backup Full Computer System

Single protection plan to back everything up allowing for full system recovery

Integration with Microsoft VSS

Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service implements a framework to allow volume backups to be performed while applications on a system continue to write to the volumes. This service provides support for backing up open files including databases.

Bootable System Recovery Environment

Bootable environment and workflow to bootstrap entire computer system recovery; also known as Bare Metal Recovery (BMR)

Recovery-Point Calendar View

Select points-in-time to recovery from a calendar

Drag-N-Drop Restore

Makes recovery of single files or folders as easy as drag-n-drop

Multi-Threaded Restore

Faster restores using multiple processors on larger files, folders and databases

System Health Status Reports

Dashboard and summary of all processes with status highlights with email notifications

Self-Healing Object Storage Architecture

Data integrity is regularly checked for errors and repaired automatically when possible

Individual File Explore & Restore

Explore for individual files and folders before restoring data

Instant File Recovery

View files, even entire websites, directly without having to restore files

Backup Network Locations

Customized protection plans configured to back up network locations and mapped drives


Directory Services Backup & Recovery

System protection plans can be configured to back up Directory Services

SharePoint Backup & Recovery

System protection plans can be configured to back up SharePoint deployments

Microsoft VSS Integrated Exchange Protection

Volume shadow copy integration includes log truncation for Exchange databases

Microsoft VSS Integrated SQL Protection

Volume shadow copy integration includes log truncation for Microsoft SQL databases


Runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10

Native source-side deduplication for distributed compute workloads

Runs on Windows Server 2003/2008/SBS 2011/2012/2016

Native source-side deduplication for distributed compute workloads


RDX Removable Disk Cartridge

RDX integration for media management

Local Disk

Fast access to local storage

Network Locations (NAS)

Leverages existing network resources

External USB

Broad device support for low cost options

SAN Attached Storage (iSCSI/FC)

Fast access to network storage


Includes three years software support and maintenance

Email and phone support with technical specialist and software updates

"Backup for RDX is a fast, simple and affordable data backup and recovery solution for small businesses running Windows Server."


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