Need a safe place to save your backups off-site?


Use DATASTOR Shield seamless cloud storage integration


Recovery of your valuable data is what it’s all about, and storing backups locally may not be sufficient to adequately protect that data. The advantage of having your important data backed up off-site, away from your business, is that it's safe from theft, fire, and other local disasters. DATASTOR Shield has a seamless cloud vault capability integrated in the application. What makes our vaulting solution stand out from others?

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Free Up More Space with Expiration and Purge



Expiration and purge work together to keep a certain number of restore points available for data recovery and to permanently delete items out of the store that are no longer referenced by the remaining archive restore points, to reclaim storage disk space.

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Tandberg Data RDX Award

Here’s a big shout out to one of our partners Tandberg Data, (a subsidiary a Sphere 3D) who just received a coveted PC Pro award for their RDX® QuikStation™ 4!
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The DATASTOR Advantage



the datastor advantage


Above 10,000 feet the air gets thin and it's easy to become disoriented. Ominous weather approaching, you get stressed, and if you can't find the path off the mountain, it's can be down right life threatening.  Your eyes quickly scan the horizon for something recognizable.  A cairn is that man-made stack of rocks you see along a trail and when you see it you know you are on the right path.  If you are lost or disoriented it gives you immediate peace of mind.  Someone has been here before and took the time to prepare your way back.  This is DATASTOR.

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What's New With v9?


Performance Enhancements

  • New Store architecture significantly improves performance of store tasks and protection plans.
  • Store Purge tasks run up to ten times faster that in previous versions of the software.
  • Store Copy and Verify tasks run up to four times faster than in previous versions of the software.
  • Protection Plans run up to 30% faster than in previous versions of the software.
  • Previous-version ("legacy") stores can easily be converted by clicking a button on the store's Property page.
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