DATASTOR Shield™ Backup Software FREE Download


DATASTOR’s patented deduplication technology saves you time and money by eliminating redundant data at the source, allowing for faster backups and reduced storage requirements.


Reduce storage space needed by 20x
Our unique patented Global Source-Side Deduplication reduces storage requirements by identifying and removing redundant data, thereby increasing your effective storage space and allowing you to store 20x more data on the same device compared to traditional backup methods.

Backups that are 10x faster
Our True Source-Based Deduplication optimizes data at the source before it’s transferred across networks so your daily backups run 10x faster than before.

Never worry that your data is actually safe
Our backup verification feature ensures that every file is saved correctly, every time, without corruption. And our intelligent, self-healing architecture means that any hiccups in storage and network infrastructures are resolved automatically to maintain the highest levels of data fidelity.

Easy backups, easy recovery
Our intuitive user interface features simple, easy-to-use, drag and drop, point-in-time functionality. Secure, automated backups ensure that your data is backed up coherently from a specific point in time, so your data is always accessible and available when you need it.