DATASTOR™ provides a cost effective, fast, secure, fully managed hybrid cloud backup solution

Fully managed hybrid cloud backup service is ideal for small to medium sized businesses with the need to offload routine tasks to free up staff so they can focus on business critical IT functions.  Backup can be a tedious and often time consuming process, when done right.  Business critical functions are often neglected, leaving businesses at risk of data loss and downtime of mission critical applications and servers.  


DATASTOR Shield™ Fully Managed Hybrid Cloud Backup


Fully Managed Hybrid Cloud Backup is just 3 steps away...

Initial Consultation

We ask the questions--you give us the low-down. Getting started is as easy as that!

How much data do you have? What are your retention needs?

Based on the information given to us, we select the hardware best suited to your needs and determine your month-to-month pricing.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you may cancel anytime after your initial 90-day setup. 

Product Deployment

Hardware is delivered to you!

Your hardware is included in your monthly plan, so there is no hardware to buy. We walk you through the simple, initial configuration.   Then, we start backing up your data! Our expert team will set up, schedule, and manage your backups for you. 

Current models: Hardware is upgraded or replaced as needed, at no charge.

Ongoing  Maintenance

We do all the work and report to you. 

  • Never worry if your data is safe
  • Redundant backup locally and in the cloud
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure your data is backed up completely and securely
  • A daily email report detailing backups
  • Continuance planning
  • Recovery assistance should a disaster occur

View our Hybrid Cloud Backup Success Stories:

“The entire system was up and running in less than an hour. We’re grateful for the peace of mind it brings us.” - Paul R. Wood
"Instead of spending lots of valuable time maintaining a localized backup system, we receive a simple email report." - Barry Coleman

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