Deduplication Technology

Unleash the Power of
True Source-Based Deduplication

DATASTOR’s patented deduplication technology saves you time and money by eliminating redundant data at the source, allowing for faster backups and reduced storage requirements.

10x faster backups

Many backup products use a target-side deduplication storage device to deduplicate data either in-line or post-process. This means the deduplication occurs after the data has traveled across the network. Network congestion is increased because every time you back up your data you re-send it across the network.

DATASTOR’s patented True Source-Based Deduplication is 100% software-based, meaning all the deduplication occurs on the client computer before it travels across the network to the storage device of your choice. This results in noticeably shorter backup times, even when you have remote locations connected over a slow WAN link.


Reduce the system resources you need

Backup products that utilize a target-side deduplication storage device require massive amounts of database space—space that you might not have to spare. Data is broken up  into 8k pieces, for instance, and one 1GB file could require as many as 128,000 index entries.

DATASTOR’s patented True Source-Based Deduplication results in fewer index entries—as few as 1 or 2 per file. This eliminates the need for a database, dramatically reduces system memory requirements, and speeds recovery time, all at a fraction of the cost of other backup products.

Compatible with your existing hardware

Many other backup products utilize a target-side deduplication storage device, requiring additional hardware at a substantial cost.

DATASTOR’s patented True Source-Based Deduplication is compatible with your existing storage device.

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