Tandberg Data RDX Award

Here’s a big shout out to one of our partners Tandberg Data, (a subsidiary a Sphere 3D) who just received a coveted PC Pro award for their RDX® QuikStation™ 4!

You might ask yourself how a software company, located in Longmont, Colorado is connected with a Purpose Built Backup Appliance (PBBA) market, RDX technology and a company based out of Germany.  In started back to 2006, when Quantum Corporation was working on developing a small desktop appliance they called GoVault.  At the time, they were looking for differentiation in a way they could put more data on a small desktop appliance that it would be marketable and affordable for the average small business, and good replacement for DAT tape. That’s where DATASTOR came into the picture.  Thanks to a bright, forward looking individual named Mike Lakowicz, we struck a deal to take our enterprise version of software and scale it down to make it a no brainer for the small business user.  Eventually that same software made it to the RDX market.

Over the years, numerous big names are playing in the RDX backup field and we are still putting our software on systems to optimize storage and make it a great value for the end user.  We are proud of our newest version of the software which has greater performance than ever before

If you want to learn more about DATASTOR software or for a free trial of our up market solutions, visit us today.